What are the types of mall signage? The importance of mall signage


With the increasing number of large shopping malls and hospitals, the application scope of signage has also expanded. In these places, people get lost or don't know which floor a certain place is on and how to get there. At this time, our good helper mall signage appears in front of every elevator and at the entrance of every large shopping mall. People passing by will definitely stop to take a look, look, and find the place they want to go, Only then can we go with peace of mind.

The signage inside the mall will tell us what the merchants on the first floor are, and what the main businesses on the second, third, fourth, and fifth floors are. Today, we will talk about the types of signage inside the mall, as follows:

The first floor signage of the shopping mall: The floor signage is mainly used for labeling and reminders, which is different from the name of the merchant unit on the floor.

Function signage: generally includes warm reminders, public safety, restrooms, nursing rooms, drinking water rooms, trash cans, information centers, other functions, and so on. Directly and clearly indicating the role of mall signage can reduce communication costs.

Floor standing signage: Floor standing signage is usually located at the entrance of a shopping mall or at the entrance of an elevator, serving as a display and exhibition of the mall's image. Colors usually use warm hues to give customers a warm spring feeling when entering the mall.

Safety warning information signs: Due to high pedestrian flow in commercial streets, ensuring safety is particularly important for the safety of consumers. Therefore, warning signs should be in place and prominently displayed.

The above is the sharing of SKEL logo on mall signage. The guiding role of mall signage is extremely crucial, not only for consumers, but also for the mall itself. Therefore, whether it is used, produced, or maintained, it is very necessary.


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