Which scenic area signs have safety reminders and educational significance


As a service system to convey the information of the scenic spot, the signboard of the scenic spot is the carrier of the use function, service function and tour information of the scenic spot, and is an indispensable part of the improvement of the facilities of the tourist attraction. It also plays a significant role, especially in some scenic area signs with special functions, which play a very important role in people's safety and reminders. Therefore, these signs are very important signs with guiding and reminding significance in scenic areas. So which scenic spot signs have special significance such as safety reminders?

1. Indicative signs

In some special areas of this scenic area, it is necessary to set up signs with special functions. These signs often have some safety reminders or educational significance, such as reminder signs, which have safety reminders and can reveal the rules and regulations of the scenic area, thereby regulating various behaviors of tourists. Generally speaking, suggestive signs are set up in places where tourists are relatively concentrated and difficult to avoid, such as rest points or major entrances and exits. Through these suggestive signs, tourists are reminded to pay attention to their behavior and responsibilities, making their behavior more in line with the principles of ecotourism. Usually, this type of sign has clear content, clear wording, and can be easily understood.

2. Warning signs

Warning signs can inform tourists of various safety precautions and also serve to prohibit various negative behaviors. Generally speaking, warning signs in scenic spots are displayed in various bright colors, and are usually displayed with signs that not only inform tourists of various safety precautions, but also prohibit tourists from engaging in various negative behaviors. This type of sign has many bright colors and is usually set up in multiple places in various forms such as "precautions" or "tourist notices".

Through the above explanation, it is not difficult to find that scenic area signs not only have a certain indicative function, but also have good safety and reminder significance for certain special scenic area signs. Therefore, in some special places, people can always see the use of different types of safety signs, and it is these special scenic area signs that provide a warning for people's safety and civilized tourism.


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