What precautions should be taken when making real estate signage? Starting from what aspects


The production of good commercial real estate signage not only depends on the preliminary design, but also needs to pay attention to the effect of signage production, the materials used, the process used, whether the placement and installation are appropriate, and whether it affects the overall effect of the signage.


Firstly, what we usually refer to as sign design is not only about the appearance of the sign, but also about the placement and installation of the sign, as well as the accurate positioning and setting of the sign.


According to the basic principles and order of navigation, clearly highlight key points, consider positions, and also consider ergonomic factors. Predict and observe peak traffic gathering points, and try to maintain signage at all times.


If you can use a storefront, it is actually a good place to create brand awareness and image. This is an important way to convey brand concepts to customers, shape the brand, and enhance reputation. It is not only to make people remember it in the first place, but also to pay attention to exquisite advertising brands, which should include good spray painting effects.


Design specifications for real estate signage: The signage specifications mainly include specifications, text specifications, association of indoor space, accurate design concepts, etc. The usage specifications indicate that proportion is related. For a long time, people like to choose the interface proportion specification according to the golden ratio rule, especially in cultural media such as books.


If it is an outdoor real estate signage, it may fade due to many external factors. But if the compressive strength of the inkjet cloth is not good, it may cause deformation or wire drawing. Therefore, manufacturers and materials should be carefully selected.


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